About Us

BuildALot General Contracting LLC

Established in 2009, BuildALot General Contracting Co is one of the most reputable and trusted retail, commercial, industrial and residential construction companies in the UAE. 

The Company is part of Al Otaiba Enterprises Companies and is an eminent leader in sustainability and innovation. By combining State-of-the-art planning techniques with adequate work execution procedures,  Buildalot General Contracting Co. assures that clients’ requirements are continuously met in quality, time and cost. The company is led under the exceptional leadership of Mr. Otaiba Saeed Al Otaiba.

Health, Safety and the Environment are non-negotiable for BuildALot General Contracting Co. We have implemented various processes across all our operational areas to ascertain compliance with regulatory requirements while protecting the environment and taking care of the health and safety of our stakeholders. 

BuildALot General Contracting Co’s portfolio includes some of the finest and the best structures in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. We serve across the UAE, with skilled and licensed commercial builders in Dubai, Abu Dhabi etc. 

We are widely known and recognised for our design, construction, and versatility. Apart from our expertise in an industrial building, we also offer property development experience to our clients. BuildALot General Contracting Co. is awarded ISO certification, and we are proud to announce that we are ISO 9001, 45001, 14001 certified construction company. 

Customer satisfaction is another critical word focused by our expert teams, and we are keen on making sure that our valuable clients acquire quality, value, and certainty. Most of the projects developed by BuildALot are from returning clients, which validates our professionalism and customer satisfaction.

BuildALot General Contracting Co’s professional procedure is based on productive project management that incorporates clear communication and periodic on-site project control meetings with the client to ensure continuous execution.


BuildALot General Contracting wants to be one of the finest infrastructure construction houses in the UAE.

We want to remain as a company which symbolizes trust and commitment towards our clients and to provide excellent value to our stakeholders. We further wish to build our core strengths- state-of-the-art technologies, innovative and aesthetic designs, timely completion and exhibiting the highest professional standards.


We want to strengthen our position as a market leader and eminent construction house in the UAE. BuildALot General Contracting Co intends to expand into new areas that build on our capabilities and customer interests.

BuildALot General Contracting  Co shall continue to  

  1. Support for Al Otaiba Enterprises Business.
  2. Look for appropriate construction opportunities in the UAE and further want to expand to new areas. 
  3. Develop sustainable business connections and networks 
  4. Increase financial and operational  efficiency that provides attractive returns to shareholders
  5. Optimize Resource Utilization through  advance planning processes
  6. Develop a highly technical, skillful and Motivated workforce
  7. Collaborate with suppliers and sub contractors to ensure timely and consistent delivery of quality products and services
  8.  Improve on safety, quality and environmental performance across all business activities 
  9. Manage our operational and business risks.

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